Recently, Snapchat updated its app and people are going absolutely ballistic! I've seen many Snapchat rants dedicated to this new update. Could Snapchat have just updated themselves out of users?

While my app doesn't automatically update, and I won't update it now, I've been looking up videos on YouTube explaining the new update. I had to filter through many expletive filled videos to find one that didn't make me feel like the person in the video was yelling at me. From what I've seen on the update, I hate it too and I haven't even used it yet. Why? Let's get into this.

In the old version of the app, when you opened it up you were brought right to your camera screen. This part has not changed. When you swipe right you were brought to the page to see your friends' stories and your story as well. If you swiped right again you were brought to the "Discover" page which were from news organizations and gossip magazines. If you swiped left from the camera page you were brought to your messages.

This has all changed, and not for the better.

With the new update when you open the app you are brought to the camera page. Okay, so far. If you swipe right you are brought to the "Discover" page. Why? Well, one could guess if it is easier to get to people will click on these stories more. Publishers are paying for these stories on the "Discover" page so of course Snapchat will place more importance on them now. If you swipe left from the camera page you are brought to a hybrid page of messages and stories.

It's a mess.

Let's see some reactions shall we?

It's safe to say people are NOT happy about it.

I searched Twitter to see if Snapchat responded to any of the tweets hating on the app; they've stayed very quiet. However they have retweeted and replied to users talking about Bitmoji Deluxe, which rolled out with the new update. People seem to be pretty happy with the new Bitmojis. So, you know, there's that...

I scrolled through reviews on the app store and things weren't looking pretty for Snapchat.

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