I think I may have come across the most unique brunch menu in the entire state.

There's a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and brunch and I can guarantee you the dishes on this menu are ones you have never heard of before. Just scrolling through their Instagram makes me want to go out to eat right now!


A viral influencer reviewed the restaurant and its unique menu and highlighted some of the menu's most exciting items. One of the most insane menu items includes their birria pizza which seems to be a tostada pizza with birria, cilantro, and onions on top.

You can also try out their tres leches french toast, hot honey fried chicken and waffles, bacon guava jam burger and so many more items that will make your head spin.

From sweet to savory this place has brunch options for everyone. Also, the crazy menu doesn't stop at the food. The coffees and mocktails you can find at this place are also pretty exciting.

You can get anything from a dolce de lece latte to a few different mocktails.

If you're looking into checking out this unique brunch spot, it's called Brunch by De Martino and it's located at 9 Davenport St, Somerville, NJ, 08876 and based on their site, they're open every Tuesday-Sunday.

The tricky part about this restaurant is that sometimes their reservation book fills up quickly, so make sure to book your tables in advance. If you're a foodie from NJ, you're totally going to have to check this out.

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