How many time have you seen or heard local businesses make use of the phrase, "It's a Shore Thing"?

A lot, right?

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Probably almost as many businesses use that as the number of businesses that use the phrase, "Taco Tuesday."

(TIME OUT! If you're a business owner, it's not a wise idea to use "Taco Tuesday" - click here for why not.)

First, it's literally impossible to find out how many businesses use, "It's A Shore Thing" as a pitch to customers.

We Googled the phrase and it's use isn't confined to the Jersey shore area. The phrase is used by businesses and others all up and down the east coast! Probably other coasts as well.

We did, though, visit the (remember the old Yellow Pages? Do you still have one in the kitchen drawer?) The Yellow Pages lists 6 different business in our area that are called"A Shore Thing" or incorporate the phrase directly into their name:

1. Shore Things - Sporting Goods in Ocean City.

2. William Roshko's Shore Thing - Restaurant in Ship Bottom.

3. Shore Thing Construction - Waretown.

4. It's a Shore Thing - T-Shirts in Sea Isle City. (Although the Yellow Pages say they are closed.)

5. A Shore Thing Remodeling and Repair - Barnegat.

6. Shorething Catering - Manahawkin.

The next thing we did was search businesses that have the word "Shore" in their name. Whoa!

Would you believe 875 different names with "Shore" in their name? That's something!

We ran down the list, here's the one's that make us giggle:

1. Jersey Shore Escorts - Atlantic City.  (Go out on the town - or stay home - with your very own Snooki!)

2. Down the Shore - Atlantic City. (We don't know what type of business this is, but we're guessing that this is where everyone goes...."

3. Shore Enuff - Atlantic City. (Again, we don't know what they do - but, apparently it's "Enuff!"

4. Redezine the Shore Way - Margate. (By making up spelling of words? Is that how we redezine???)

5. A Shore Cut Landscaping - Egg Harbor City. (I see what you did there!)

6. A Shore to Please Cleaning Service - Ocean City. (I'm sure.)

So, I'll meet you at the shore!

SOURCE: Yellow Pages

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