Let the controversy reign!

Someone asked me what I thought about the Transgender Bathroom situation that's been in the news at Egg Harbor Township High School.

Here's my honest-to-goodness answer:

I don't know.

Transgender rights are new to me. I really haven't thought much about it.

Someone else asked, "What about gay rights?"

(I need to stop hanging around the Cat Country Commissary in the late afternoon.)

So... what do I think? Hang on. Here goes nothing.

I'm for everybody's rights.

I'm for People Rights. How's that?

I think if one person can do something or get the benefit of something, other people should, too.

You know what I hate?

Hearing about other people's sexual orientation. Look I don't care if you're straight, gay, bi, transgender, or whatever. Who you get intimate with is between you and whoever you get intimate with. That should be it. It shouldn't stop you from being able to do the same things everybody else does. It shouldn't prevent you from being awarded opportunities that other people get.

People's Rights.

Tell me you're a person, and I'm on your side.

What you do when the lights go out? Who cares. As long as no one is getting hurt, it's your life and your business.

So, what about things like Health Insurance?

I think if you work and you get health insurance and you have the opportunity to add a special someone, you should be able to do that, whether or not your married, sleeping together, or whatever.

Rather than "Spouse" or "Partner", maybe we should just call it "Person #2."

Maybe your insurance partner can be your wife, or partner, but maybe it can just be a good friend you want to help. Maybe your dad, or your cousin, or the mailman. Why should anyone get to dictate who you want to take care of - and what your relationship should be?

So, there you go. People's Rights.

I'm for all people to be treated like people.

As far as Transgender Bathrooms... I really have no idea.

If you look like a man and walk into a women's bathroom, you'll be pointed at. If you look like a woman and walk into a man's bathroom.... who knows? (It actually is a nightly occurrence in some places where copious amounts of alcohol is served.)
Well, I'm done. Again, I'm for People's Rights. Let's just be Human Beings and we'll all get along fine.

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