What a great game! This year's Super Bowl did not disappoint.

Here are some of my thoughts - only one of which has to do with the game itself.

By the way, the title - my "other thoughts" - are my thoughts in addition to my reaction of Jay Z and Beyonce sitting down during the National Anthem. You can read about that here.

So, here you go, my 5 thoughts.

1. Women's Equality. A commercial for Secret Deodorant, focusing on "Women's Inequality"  aired during the pregame show,.

Obviously, the commercial shares the need for more opportunities for women. It champions the need for equality change.

I get it. It would be great to see Carli Lloyd, or another woman, out there on the NFL gridiron in the future.

But then - the halftime show. Two stars, scantily clad, with one swinging on a stripper pole.

Wait.. I thought you wanted equality and respect. Mixed messages?

2. Here's the game related point - Why aren't there cameras mounted on the end zone lines to see if the ball travels across the plane of the end zone? This is 2020, we can put cameras anywhere and everywhere. Why not there? This is the Super Bowl, you know!

3. The Bill Murray/Groundhog Day Jeep spot KILLED IT!  Today, I love Bill Murray even more!

4. Is the "Building Stuff Out of Legos TV Show" real or was it some sort of April Fool's Day joke?

5. The Tide commercials were a little weird, but you know what? I GOT THE MESSAGE! I don't have to try to get rid of that stain right away!.

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