Atlantic City is always looking for new ideas to bring in more visitors and to enhance the lives of local residents.

Last week, I pretty much gave thumbs down to an idea put forth to build a "Pinball Place" in Atlantic City. I don't think the idea is very 2014. Frankly, I don't think today's kids would care much about a pinball museum.

After writing the post, I received an email from "the pinball guy" who pretty much said I was closed-minded and didn't see the big picture. He stressed that the pinball museum idea would be fabulous - and that schools would bring kids for field trips to the location, in the name of education. (Raise your hand if you think your kid's school would spend one of their only field trips of the year going to a pinball museum.)

Anyway, it was pointed out to me by several people that maybe I should come up with a better idea - or at least some sort of idea for the betterment of Atlantic City. So, I have, and here it is:

Trampoline Playground!

There's currently a business that has franchises across the country called "Sky Zone Trampoline Parks." These indoor parks are full of trampolines where adults and kids could jump, play, and enjoy for several hours at a time.

Let me point out that this is an idea that would appeal to kids TODAY, not kids of 1979 like the pinball museum idea.

There are currently Sky Zone Trampoline Parks in Moorestown, New Jersey, and Levittown, Pennsylvania.

Moving forward, this idea can be easily implemented in Atlantic City once two things are in place: An investor, or group of investors,  and land or a building. Are you in?

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