I'm still waiting for the monorail to be built over the streets of Atlantic City, or the police to use unmanned drones to patrol the city. In the meantime, I've heard another "brilliant" idea.

The latest idea from a local media personality who writes a column for the Press of Atlantic City, and who typically is a wonderful cheerleader for the city, is, well, lost in 1982.

The idea in his most recent column is to turn the West Hall of Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall into some sort of pinball shrine. He wants to obtain a lot of old pinball machines, ski-ball machines, and such and create a "Pinball Heaven."

He's under the illusion that people would flock to this pinball palace and play pinball games throughout the day and night.

Yes, pinball.

Maybe I was a little off when I said the idea was lost in 1982. It's more like 1972.

Quoting from the article: "Just think, money from the games played by children and adults, side-by-side, could be given to the Boys & Girls Club and other local organizations in dire need of financial assistance. There would be jobs for workers and mechanics, whom Randy could teach how to take care of the machines."

Again, I haven't seen many kids running down the boardwalk with  pockets full of quarters looking to get some pinball started.

There's a reason pinball palaces aren't sprung up - well, anywhere: No one cares. It's a game from the past.

Although, when the monorail is built, maybe it can have an assigned stop at "Pinball Heaven."

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