I hate endlessly scrolling through the Netflix menu trying to find a movie to watch. It can be mind-numbing.

I'm more a movie guy than a binge-watch-series guy. Give me a great plot (or even a good plot) and wrap it up in two or three hours. I'd rather not spending several weekends watching a story unravel.

I'm always looking elsewhere to figure out what to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video before I click on, because I just don't want to scroll and scroll and scroll.

It's in that idea that I've decided to share some of the movies I've watched lately. Maybe, like me, you want some help on what to watch.

Let me preface my list by saying these aren't necessarily the best-of-the-best, Oscar-winning movies. Rather, these are movies that I chose to watch, and I didn't stop and dump out of the movie 10 minutes in. (Boy, I really hate that.)

So, here you go. My list. Please let me know if you appreciate and/or use the list. If I see enough reaction, I''ll do more lists.

1. The Irishman. Netflix. Big hype on the movie, and well worth the time to invest in watching it. It's pretty long, but it has a great story and a big-name cast. Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and many more. Even Ray Romano in a serious role. Ever wondered what happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Here's one idea....

2. The Meyerowitz Stories. Netflix. Another all-star cast with Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, and even Judd Hirsch. I thought it was a movie with a great story that kept my interest the whole say through.

3. Holly Star. Netflix. So this is where my recommendations go "this way" when you thought we were going "that way." Holly Star is pretty much a Hallmark Christmas kind of movie. Yeah, instead of the Price is Right when I was sick as a kid, I watched soap operas instead....

4. The Bill Murray Stories. Netflix. Watch this one late at night when you can't sleep and you're not going to wake anyone when you laugh our loud. Comedian Bill Murray is famous, yet he's essentially an  "every man", showing up in regular places, mingling with regular people. These are the stories of some of these crazy Bill Murray encounters. Funny. Funny. Funny.

5. Under the Silver Lake. Prime Video. OK. This one is weird. Strange and weird. I found it entertaining, my wife cut bait and went upstairs after 10 minutes. It's a movie about... well.... a strange young man and his search for a mysterious woman that happens in and around a lot of strange things happening in the weirdness of Los Angeles. You might need a couple glasses of wine to watch this, because a clear head is not recommended. Remember, I told you it was weird.

6. Inside Man: Most Wanted. Prime Video. Wow! Talk about a great story! It's a bank robbery story with a lot of twists and turns. Pay attention and keep up! Starts Rhea Seehorn. I know her best from the show, "Better Call Saul."  I really, really liked this movie!

7. Dead to Me. Netflix. A dark comedy starring Christina Applegate. Also, Ed Asner! He's still alive? Yep! Other people are dead though. Need a date night movie? This works.

8. A Simple Favor. Prime Video. Again, a great story. A good "who done it" mystery. A girls movie that's now just for girls. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively become pals, then not so much. Kept my attention all the way through.

9. Home is Where the Killer Is. Netflix.  Anther mystery. If you think someone is stalking you right now, you probably shouldn't watch this. Or, maybe you should.... Not a lot of big names, but you don't need them here.

10.  Paddleton. Netflix. Hey, look! Another movie with Ray Romano that isn't a full-fledged comedy! Another good date night movie.

BONUS PICK: Green Book. It's on Prime Video, Showtime, and elsewhere.  It's one of those movies, like Shawshank Redemption, that I can watch again and again.


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