South Jersey residents will tell you that it seems like funnels are forming in the southern Garden State skies more often than usual over the past few years.

It's normal for the Garden State to see one or two tornados every year, and while one of the most recent sightings of a funnel wasn't declared a tornado, it was still pretty wild to watch as it formed and moved throughout the southeastern portions of Gloucester and Cumberland Counties.

A locally-based Facebook page shared a video taken by an onlooker of a funnel that formed n Vineland last week.

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The funnel formed right along the border of where Gloucester and Cumberland Counties meet. Technically, it was spotted along Weymouth Road and West Boulevard in the town of Newfield, Gloucester County, right near the North Vineland Car Wash. According to the comments from locals, many residents from East Vineland spotted the funnel and also said they experienced epic thunder and lightning at the time of the sighting, as well. A few people even said they lost power for a bit.

It all went down Thursday, June 16th, during the mid-morning hours. That makes sense, too, since there were a large number of people who commented on spotting the funnel during their morning commute to work.

While Jersey has been experiencing its fair share of funnels over the past few years, experts say that New Jersey's most active time for them was back in the 70s and 80s.

Watch the video of the funnel that formed over Cumberland and Gloucester Counties last week below.

Source: Facebook

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