Today is the observance of World Mental Health Day.

Does this not apply to you? If you said no, you're wrong. It applies to everybody.

Everyone is affected by mental illness. Whether you yourself are afflicted with it, or know someone who is, you can't escape the importance of engaging in open conversation about mental health. For one, mental health is a contributing factor to so many physical diseases that exist. The problem is nobody wants to acknowledge how widespread and mainstream mental illness really is.

You can't identify it by looking at someone. It's a silent struggle. It always has been, and unfortunately, it still is. "Mental health wasn't as big of a deal 40 years ago. Why is it only emerging as an issue now?" The answer to that question is pretty simple: lack of information. A lot has been studied over the last forty years.

Think about it. If they can develop 4 different generations of smartphones within a span of about five years, do you really believe mental health awareness is a new craze or ideology people are subscribing to like Feng Shui or the Keto Diet?

While most mental illnesses are linked to genetics, anyone is susceptible. It's important to take time for yourself and do what must be done in an effort to boost your own personal mental health and well-being.

Steps to improve your overall mental health include getting proper exercise, acquiring an adequate amount of sleep, and establishing healthy diet habits. The most effective way to boost your mental health and stability is by taking time for yourself. Easier said than done, of course.

Whether it's coloring, disconnecting from social media, going on a trip, or spending time with your loved ones, it's important to engage in activities that recharge your body, mind, and soul.

Take a bubble bath while enjoying a glass of wine. Treat yourself! That doesn't make you lazy or indulgent, it makes you human - one that needs a time-out before tackling tomorrow.

It's hard to remember to make yourself a priority while taking care of others, but it's so important to do so. So, in observance of World Mental Health Day 2018, do at least one thing today for you. You'll thank yourself later.

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