Just about everyone thought the Kenny Chesney concert on the beach in Wildwood a couple summers ago was amazing. As it turns out, Kenny thought the same thing.

In a recent interview with ABC Radio News, Kenny was asked what the most surprising show of his career was and he said it was the concert he did on the beach in Wildwood. Kenny says, "The Wildwood, New Jersey show a couple years ago was the most -- surprised me a lot. The connection we had with that audience was unbelievable." Chesney went on to say, "...I loved playing out there in Wildwood, New Jersey that night." Apparently, being that close to the ocean with thousands of people partying on the beach with the glow of all of the amusement rides and boardwalk in the background sealed the deal for Kenny.

Hey, Kenny -- anytime you want to come back, let us know!


Relive Kenny Chesney's Wildwood beach concert:

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