There's nothing on this Earth better than finding your passion and pursuing it with all your heart and soul.

When it comes to the kids I had a chance to chat with this week, they're already way ahead of the curve. Some people NEVER figure out what they love to do. The kids that are a part of the Atlantic City Figure Skating Club have already recognized their passion. This week, they had a chance to see just how far their passion can take them if they remain dedicated to the craft and keep their joy for the sport in their heart.

As you may or may not already know, "Disney On Ice" has come to Atlantic City this week! Disney On Ice presents "Frozen" and "Encanto" is taking over Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall Thursday through Sunday. These kids got a chance to learn from the professionals to see what it takes to make a Disney production like this come to life on the ice.

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I got a chance to talk with two of the skaters from the show, Adriene and William Ott. Believe it or not, these two are, basically, high school sweethearts, who followed their passion into a career. They met when they were sixteen years old. William was an ice hockey player at the time, but Adriene convinced him to try out her sport. Now, they're both traveling with Disney On Ice and obviously, have no regrets. They shared with me how special it was for them to be providing this experience to the kids.

JM for TSM/Canva
JM for TSM/Canva

The Otts both expressed how much they enjoy giving back to the communities in which they perform and how they hope their passion for the ice inspires the next generation to stick with their love of it, too.

JM for TSM/Canva
JM for TSM/Canva

12-year-old Emma from Egg Harbor Township revealed to me that she's been skating for, basically, half of her life at this point. She's been on the ice for five and a half years now and is a member of the Atlantic City Figure Skating Club. Emma said that she feels so lucky to have had the opportunity to train with professionals like William and Adriene and knows that she'll be skating as long as she possibly can. Emma confirmed what every adult in the room, no doubt, was already thinking: that these kids will remember and cherish this memory forever.

To find out more information about Disney On Ice in Atlantic City this weekend, click HERE. Interested in ice skating? Check out the Atlantic City Figure Skating Club HERE.


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