Regardless of whatever teams you like or don't like, it's always cool to see someone from your own backyard make it to the big leagues.

23-year old Dennis Horner, who graduated from Holy Spirit High School in 2006, made his NBA debut last night with the New Jersey Nets, scoring four points.

Horner recently talked to Mike Gill on our sister station, 97.3 ESPN FM, and shared his thoughts about making it to the big time:

It’s a dream come true. Its really crazy and unbelievable that they actually gave me the chance and opportunity to make the team. After practice I was just sitting around in the gym and the GM Billy King just came and sat next to me and said we thought about it and we are going to keep you, you have made the roster.

How exactly did Dennis Horner make the short trip from Holy Spirit High School in Absecon to the Prudential Center in Newark to play for the Nets? His not-to-short travels took him to college in North Carolina then to Europe where he played basketball in Belgium and Cyprus before returning to the States.

It's great to see how hard work and dedication can still pay-off. Horner says, "Ever since I was young I have played in the backyard and that’s what I dreamed of... I wanted to try to make it to the NBA... and it worked out."

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