Are you missing your fur baby?

If so, he might've been located by a good Samaritan who scooped him up on the road after fearing he would get run over by a car.

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Apparently, this adorable tan pit bull boy was found wandering the streets in Mullica Township. Someone picked him up on Duerer Street. A few Atlantic County-based Facebook groups have shared that this little dude was so friendly that he hopped right into someone's truck.

He was scared, but eventually warmed up and was the sweetest little guy. He was at a mailbox on Duerer Street with a collar and leash attached, so clearly he belongs to somebody.

The thought of him having to sit at Animal Control is really sad considering he's got a family out there somewhere. Check out the pictures shared to Facebook by the Mullica Township Police Department HERE.

You already know I have a soft spot when it comes to dogs. My Mia girl & Bodie boy are absolutely EVERYTHING to me, so it breaks my heart to hear that someone could be going through agony not knowing where their little boy is.

Apparently, as of Saturday, this guy has been turned over to Animal Control officially by the department. The last thing we want to see happen is nobody comes forward to claim him. We don't want this guy locked up for too long. Let's try and get this guy reunited with his humans. Share, share, share!

Source: Facebook

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