UPDATE: The owner has been found!

Whenever I see a post regarding I lost pet, I feel compelled to spread the word.

One such post popped up on one of the many Facebook pages I often screen only a few minutes ago, so let's see if we can get this angel reunited with his family sooner than later, shall we?

A gorgeous Pitbull pup was located off of Columbia Road in the Nesco/Mullica section of Atlantic County this morning. Luckily, a good Samaritan got ahold of him and currently has him safe and sound in her custody. However, he can't stay with her forever, so we're hoping that spreading the word will get him back to his family soon.

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Based on the pictures of the dog shared to Facebook, it looks like a pretty happy pup. The dog's white with brown on its hind legs and bright big greenish-looking eyes. Truth be told, there's one picture on the posting that makes it look like the dog might even have two different color eyes - one, the green/brownish color with the other maybe blue.

If you have any information regarding where this guy (or girl) came from, you're encouraged to reach out to Charlotte Perna by sending her a private message to her Facebook account which you can access HERE. Let's get this pup back to his family!

The quickest way we'll reunite this pup with who/where he belongs is by sharing away on social media! The more eyes we get on this, the better chance at locating the owners.

Source: Facebook

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