Honestly, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't find my dog.

My dog Mia has a mind of her own. She's only two-years-old and, to be honest, can be quite the escape artist occasionally. Luckily, she's never gone too far. To be fair, though, she's never pulled a fast one on us when any of us weren't able to immediately go grab her.

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Whenever I see a poster of a lost cat or dog, I feel compelled to share it. With so many animal lovers in South Jersey, I know you understand where my heart is. I can't imagine what it must feel like to lay your head down at night and have no idea where your fur baby is.

If you've recently experienced that feeling, maybe one of the latest posts from the Galloway Police Department will be the answer to your many many prayers you've, no doubt, sent up to the big man. The Galloway Township PD has shared a few pictures to their social media featuring a beautiful blue pup they found in an effort to reunite the dog with the family it came from.

The look on this poor guy's face is heartbreaking. You can tell from the second picture that he's experiencing some anxiety. Make sure you share this post with everyone you can so he can be reunited with his humans. The Galloway PD says that they located him in South Egg Harbor near Pittsburgh Avenue. If you have information regarding who he belongs to, you're encouraged to give their Dispatch Center a call. You can reach them at 609-652-3705 and dialing extension 1.

Source: Facebook

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