Hey you crazy-in-love person, you! We know what you're getting for Valentine's Day!

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

It's coming up in just a minute.

Here in New Jersey, whether you're young or old, newly-in-love or "comfortable" in your ever-lasting love, we know you and your sweetie have decided to celebrate your love with an exchange of gifts on Valentine's Day.

We even know what your gift is.

The gift that your main squeeze is getting for you.

We know because we checked Google. It's 2021, after all! We know they Google your gift before they bought it.

Are you ready?

Your Valentine's gift will be.... a tandem bicycle!

No, really.

Yes, really.

As in "Bicycle Built For Two!"

(Did you just say "Screw that" under your breath?)

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

(NOTE: We know Pee Wee Herman is NOT riding a tandem bicycle. We didn't want to spoil your surprise by showing you your bike!)

There was a study conducted by CouponLawn.com - a reputable research company, I'm sure. They did some digging and found "the most uniquely searched Valentine’s gift" in every state. Yes, in New Jersey they came up with tandem bicycle.

By the way, the people in Iowa apparently are gifting the same thing on Valentine's Day.


The people at CouponLawn.com say they came up with their answers by spending "more than 250 hours collecting and analyzing Google Trends’ data pulled from the past 17 Valentine's (throughout the period of 2004-2020) to find out the most googled Valentine's gift in each state.

I guess if you have free time......

OK, so what did the study of other states find out about Valentine's gift elsewhere?

Well, in Pennsylvania the most Googled Valentine's Day gift idea is "Driving Lessons!"

Kidding. It's really chocolate. In Delaware, it's flowers. In New York - pajamas!

Some states really know how to live for Valentine's Day. They're exchanging yoga mats in Connecticut, love coupons in Idaho, and weighted blankets in Alaska. Yeah, that last one makes sense.

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A couple other states: In Arkansas, it's couples tattoos and in Louisiana it's "Plus Size Lingerie."


Finally, things are out of control in Wyoming. #1 answer there is "Sex Toys."

If you want to check out what we're missing while we're riding our tandem bicycle, you can see it all here.

By the way - puppies in Tennessee!  Puppies! Enjoy your bike ride.

SOURCE: CouponLawn.com

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