If you're planning to do your "saw the lady in half" trick in a showroom down at one of the Atlantic City casinos this weekend, you just might need your box.

(If in fact, this is your box, and it is a magical box....)

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New Jersey State Police say they've recovered a "Case Containing Electronic Equipment" that was found on the Garden State Parkway, near mile marker 38.7. The case was found back on October 19.

(Why they took a month to start looking for the owner, we have no idea. Perhaps they've been busy trying to guess the secret combination that opens the box?)

State Police describe the box as "a large case containing electronic equipment." They say it's "a Penn-Elcom aluminum flight case." Police say, "The case is 5’ tall, 3’ wide, 1.5’ deep, and contains an array of electronic equipment. " (So, they did finally guess the secret combination???)

Actually, several people have commented on the State Police's Facebook post that the case is actually some sort of photo booth.

(You think that someone who had a photo booth and lost it would know they lost it and would be actively looking for it, right?)

State Police say that if the case is yours, you should contact the New Jersey State Police Galloway Station at 732-441-4500.

SOURCE: New Jersey State Police

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