It's amazing what Laurie and all the folks over at Funny Farm Animal Rescue do for all the animals in their care.

There's a reason for the popular rescue and petting zoo's popularity. Located in Mays Landing, it's super easy for people from all over the South Jersey region and beyond to make a trip out of on the weekends. What really draws people to the Funny Farm is how loved and cherished each and every animal is to the owner and the volunteers.

Everyone at the Funny Farm LOVES what they do. That much is clear. So, when it's time for one of animals to head over the rainbow bridge, it sometimes hits EVERYBODY smack dab in the heart. Why? When you visit the Funny Farm, you feel the energy and the vibes radiating not only off of Laurie, the owner, but also the people who work and volunteer there on a regular basis. It's one full of positivity, love, and good vibes. So, when an animal passes away, that loss is felt by the masses.

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Unfortunately, that feeling is circulating around South Jersey right now after the announcement of the passing of a guest favorite, Buddy the dog. Buddy was a GORGEOUS pup who had the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. No exaggeration, they were both brown and black at the same time. Buddy brought joy everywhere he went.

It's with sadness that Funny Farm had to share the news of Buddy's passing with the world on Wednesday, March 30th. Included in the post is a beautiful tribute to how great of a dog he was and how he would usually be the first one any visitor would come into contact with during a Funny Farm visit. He came to live at the Funny Farm from upstate NY when he was about six years old and has been entertaining and spreading love to the guests ever since.

You'll be missed, Buddy!

Check out the Funny Farm's announcement below, and, as always, be sure to thank them for all the WONDERFUL work they do for displaced animals.

Source: Facebook

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