We've told you about the Mays Landing resident who claimed to have video evidence of an alien, caught on his or her security camera footage.

We've attempted to have this anonymous person share some of the video with us, since the national website doesn't include any video.

So far, nothing.

However, we have heard from another Mays Landing resident - who wishes to remain anonymous - who has shared video from his Ring Doorbell. The person says this video is from just a couple nights ago:


What the heck was that? The bouncing light starting in the bottoms right corner.

What about the flash that happens at the :17 mark of the video? Is the flash related to the bouncing light?

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We're still waiting to hear from the original person who posted about the alien activity. In the meantime, if you have video to share, please forward to joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com.

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