Since we all just got done guzzling our pitchers of mimosas during Sunday brunch yesterday, what better time to introduce what will soon be the most popular drink of the spring season?

Have you ever heard of a "Lemosa"? This is the name has dubbed their version of a lemon blueberry mimosa and it looks awesome.

The most difficult part of this concoction is making the homemade blueberry syrup. Overall prep time doesn't look like it should take more than 15 minutes if you include the blueberry prep, simmer, and cool down time.

Why is it perfect for spring? For one, it looks like it tastes super refreshing! Not only that, but it's aesthetically appropriate for the season, wouldn't you agree? It's so colorful! The outdoors are springing back to life (pardon the pun), so shouldn't your drink match?


Source: Facebook

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