Okay, this woman is WINNING at #MomLife.

Seriously, she did what every single mom wishes she could do. She taught her kids a lesson with fear and humor.... dark humor LOL.

Renae Johnson of New York recently posted a video to Facebook that ended up going viral. Why? Well, for starters it features her set-up of what turned out to be one of the most epic pranks in mom history, regardless of whether you agree with it or not.

She said she was pranking her kids to get them back for their behavior. Face it, if you're a mom, you know there's days when you wish your kids would just behave, but they don't. Well, Renae thought it was time for a little stress payback. Watch what she did:

If you want to watch the full prank, click HERE. Note *** the video might be deemed sensitive content for some viewers. ***

Okay, so you might be one of those people that's now triggered by what you just saw. "Oh my gosh, how could she put her kids through that?!" "Why would anyone possibly cause their kids unneccessary trauma?" "I could never lie to my kids like that."

To you I say this: lighten up.

I mean, I totally understand that there's a line you shouldn't cross when it comes to your kids. I understand that you'd like to spare them from unnecessary trauma. Now, I'm no expert, but don't siblings pull stunts like this on each other all the time?

Maybe this opinion isn't objective, but the prank was hilarious.

Great one, Renae. You had me rolling.

Source: Facebook

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