Is there any place on earth better than Mullica Township, the Crown Jewel of Atlantic County?

That's how many residents feel - and that's how it should be - Hometown Pride! (Although we noticed there's no mention of the Mulligator in the

At a lip-synch contest for Mullica School staff last week, one group introduced a song all about good old Mullica!

"Thank God I'm a Mullican" was written by teacher Jean Gallagher to the tune of the John Denver Song, "Thank God I'm a Country Boy." Bill Weisband recorded the vocals - and we think it sounds great!

The video was shared by Jean Gallagher... and the Mullica song begins at 4:00 into the video. (Spoiler Alert - the performance was the winner of the night)

By the way, last week's event raises money to help provide scholarships for Mullica and Cedar Creek graduates.