Well, there we were. Us. There were cries of "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry." This was it. Our meeting with Jerry Springer.

My wife and I were guests of Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City the other evening. We got to meet the one and only Jerry Springer.

Thank goodness there was no extra chair, no surprise guests and no hair-pulling. We met Springer without having to be guests on his show.

Jerry Springer is in Atlantic City, hosting "The Price is Right Live" at Harrah's. We actually met him in The Steakhouse at Harrah's prior to that night's show. He seemed like a pleasant, polite guy - not much different than how he handles himself  on TV. We did the introductions, made some small talk, and then he had to leave to get ready for that night's "Price."

I should mention here that we had a wonderful dinner at The Steakhouse. After some scrumptious appetizers, bread, and some wine, we enjoyed a couple of wonderful entrees. My wife ordered the Lamb, which I, surprisingly, agreed to taste. (It's the "Mary had a little lamb" song and picture in my head that almost stopped me.) It was truly delicious.  I had the Prime Rib, which was  equally fantastic. Our meal concluded with some wonderful desserts.

Prime Rib
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After dinner, we attended the show. I have to admit that I enjoyed Jerry Springer as host much more than I anticipated. He was energetic and very funny - often aiming the humor at himself. He played to the audience perfectly.

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Sadly, I was not picked to participate in the games, most of which mirrored the TV version of the show. That really didn't dampen my evening though. It was certainly a blast just enjoying the show.

If you haven't seen Jerry Springer in person yet, get down to Harrah's while he's there. Or should I say, "Come on Down!"

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