Happy National Eyebrow Day! There is a holiday for everything. January has Kiss a Ginger Day, March has Something on a Stick Day, and May has World Naked Gardening Day. That last one makes me cringe, I hope cacti gardeners don't do that. I'm sorry for that mental image.

Anyway, today is National Eyebrow Day. There has been a video that has been making its way around social media, which is highly appropriate for today. The video features Scottish comedian Gary Meikle talking, well ranting, about his daughter's eyebrows. If you have a daughter, this video will be all too real and will probably give you a good belly laugh.

Meikle pointed out how the obsession with having great brows is absurd. While women who take hours to do their eyebrows understand their importance, most men do not. Meikle is one of those men.

Watch Gary Meikle's hysterical eyebrow video:

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