The holidays are fast approaching. The 2020 holiday season is expected to look a little different this year.  The season this year will have many of us abandoning former traditions that are not COVID-19 friendly as a result of the pandemic.

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Just like Halloween-themed places and activities had to adjust, holiday festivals will either have to cancel, postpone until next year, or adapt to the new mandates in place to protect the public from transmitting the virus. The good news is many festivals have chosen to face the challenge head-on and pivot to accommodate the public in the midst of the current challenges thrust upon them by the coronavirus. In order for a holiday-themed event to even be allowed to continue, the event staff must be certain that people can attend in a safe, socially-distanced way.

This has lead to some pretty awesome creativity as a result. Nobody wants a damper around the holidays, so people are coming up with great concepts for holiday activities that the public can safely enjoy. One such event was announced at the Bridgeport Speedway in Logan Township. Get ready for a drive-thru light spectacular!

Guests will be able to drive around the speedway and admire the crazy lights and displays that will be set up by November 19th. says the speedway's calling it the 'South Jersey Holiday Light Show' which will feature a mile full of holiday cheer. Since all guests will enjoy the experience from their cars, what more COVID-prep do you really need to handle?

The event is scheduled to run from November 19th through New Year's. Get all the details HERE.



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