Jersey loves Guy Fieri.

Whether it's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or the hundred other Food Network shows he's on, we can't get enough.

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The NJ love of Fieri is mutual. He is a big fan of The Garden State.

He has featured so many phenomenal eateries on DDD over the years.

Guy recently revisited Jersey Shore favorite 10th Avenue Burrito in Belmar.

Even though Fieri has covered a lot of ground here in Jersey, there are so many restaurants, food trucks, and cafes that would be perfect for TV.

Let's face it. Fieri is on season 45 of his hit show. That's a lot of diners, drive-ins and dives. He (and his producers) are likely in need of some ideas.

There are parts of the series that will never change.

A little known fact about Guy Fieri is that he brings a Make-A-Wish child to every single taping.

I'm sure you've been to an eatery and thought "this place would be perfect for DDD."

Maybe this joint has a dish that would make Guy say "this is off the hook."

Which New Jersey restaurant belongs in Flavortown?

Which place is deserving of the nearly 200 percent sales increase that comes from Guy making an appearance?

I asked for suggestions of establishments that deserve a visit from Guy and his Camaro on Facebook.

Not surprisingly, the response was off the chart.

I've listed the most popular responses.

It's worth noting that some eateries on the list are more on the upscale side, but got a lot of backing.

So, Guy if you're reading this, let's go! Come back to New Jersey soon.

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