Congratulations, Central Jersey. Apparently, you really are a real place.

Wherever you see yourself falling on the whole "does Central Jersey exist" debate, apparently, we've been given the official answer by the state and have had it for over a year now.

It's been brought to my attention via Facebook that the State of New Jersey has indeed taken a stance on whether or not Central Jersey is a real place. Here in South Jersey, I would have to say that most of us would agree, yes, it's real. When we hear people from North Jersey claim certain places above Toms River as "South Jersey", it's a super cringey moment for us. Anything north of Toms River, I think most South Jersey people would agree, is out of our territory.

However, that area can't really fall into the realm of North Jersey either. For one, you've still got too many Philly sports fans in that area for it to truly be North Jersey, but Central Jersey as a whole is it's own animal, just like we are down here. Most of our major cities are in North Jersey, but technically, it's Central Jersey that hosts the state's capitol.

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It's not hard to feel bad for Central Jerseyans on a day like today. Apparently, the state has deemed August 13th 'International Central Jersey Is Real Day'. It's funny because, most likely, North and South Jersey residents basically consider it no-mans land. Central Jersey's like the red-headed stepchild of Jersey regions. Or, to put it into a literal perspective, Jersey's middle child. Ya know how it's a running joke that all middle children get ignored compared to the oldest and youngest? Yeah, that's Central Jersey to a 't'.

Well, there it is Central! Today's your day to shine. Central Jersey is real. Don't worry, we'll all forget about you tomorrow, hah!

Source: Facebook

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