Sure, there are people in this world who aren't daydreaming about that first cup of coffee as soon as their feet hit the ground in the morning.

Most people, however, would assume that those who don't need an immediate caffeine boost to kick their day into high-gear are in the minority. In New Jersey, apparently those who can do without coffee aren't as scarce as you'd imagine. Shocking, right?

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According to a new survey published by, New Jersey isn't as dependent on frequent cups of Joe as one might have believed. In fact, the data shows that in terms of the states LEAST obsessed with a good cup of coffee, New Jersey comes in at number 3 in the country. Wild.

Add to that, the fact that New Jersey takes the number four spot regarding the least cups of coffee drank throughout the day and you could've fooled me. If you would have asked me to bet on whether or not most of the state depends on coffee to make it through the day, I would've bet yes. Apparently, I would've lost that one.

Now, maybe it's because I'm a millennial/Gen Z cusper, but my friends and I live off of caffeine. Is it a healthy habit? Not exactly. However, there are worse habits to have. Not that I'm proud to admit this, but I drink so much coffee throughout the day that I might as well have them set up a drip.

Apparently, there are plenty of people in the Garden State who would do just fine without caffeine throughout the day. They're non-caffeine-dependent unicorns. I, however, am not one of them.


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