Is there any game that says Atlantic City, Ocean City, and Wildwood Boardwalks more than Skeeball?

Believe it or not, a new Skeeball movie is set to hit the big screen this weekend!

"SKB - The Movie" hits theaters this weekend....although I haven't been able to find it showing anywhere locally. That's kind of odd, because, according to the 2 movie trailers, it looks like part of the movie takes place in Wildwood.

The movie is being called a documentary/comedy. According to the movie website,, the movie is "35 years in the making. One man's journey to become a legend of the Boardwalk by claiming the title of World Champion in the fast paced sport of professional Skeeball."

I was able to find 2 different trailers for the movie, one on Fandango, and one here:

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