Recent survey results released by Herbalife Nutrition shows that almost half the population are likely to break from their diet for the holiday season.

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And who can blame you? The food is one of the best parts of the celebration! Seriously, who wants to be sitting there on Thanksgiving watching everyone else enjoy their pumpkin pie while you're sitting all by yourself, just you and your fruit cup.

Seriously, nobody will feel badly for you if you're chomping on an apple and some peanut butter. In fact, you might hear the words "dedicated" and "impressive" used to describe your willpower. However, if you show up to my Thanksgiving feast, I'll be the one with the plate of pie, cake, and probably some cookies on there making it a point for you to admit that you wish you were on this cheat island of deliciousness with me.

Multiple sources report that Herbalife Nutrition released the results of a survey they conducted that showed 47% of people are likely to get off their diets for the holidays. Other fun diet facts they found are:


  • 1

    33% of people stop dieting in mid-November

    Again, they know what's coming for them. Better to be on a slow decline then to blow up your stomach all at once, right?

  • 2

    44% of people eat more than one dessert at a holiday meal

    Again, I'll probably eat like four.


  • 3

    36% of people eat more than one holiday meal in a day 

    This fact I cannot subscribe to. I don't eat more than one meal because I will explode. I purposely watch what I eat all Thanksgiving morning in preparation for the dinner feast.

  • 4

    30% of people undo their pants because they eat so much during the holiday season.

    Pro Tip: Wear leggings, gals. Guys... smart to go with some joggers here. Wear the cute holiday clothes for pictures, then change into your meal clothes.

  • 5

    Biggest Diet Breakers

    - Cookies (53%)

    - Pies and cakes (53%)

    - Home-cooked holiday meals (44%)

  • 6

    27% of People Exercise Less During the Holidays

    I mean, this goes without saying. Especially if you're the one hosting the parties. However, most people are constantly on the go during the holiday season, so if that plays a part in how much food you're actually consuming per day, I would imagine you may in fact be able to lose a bit of weight if you're not eating as much as you normally would.

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