In an unfortunate slew of circumstances, former Newfield police officers who lost their jobs have just won a cool $1.2 million in a settlement regarding that situation.

According to, the officers were put out of work after the borough chose to regionalize the police force, combining the unit with Franklin Township's. That would be fine if there had been some sort of safety net in place to ensure nobody lost his or her livelihood.

There wasn't, and back in April of this year, the court came to the decision that not having something set in stone was not okay. It was agreed that there was a breach in what's apparently known as the Uniformed Shared Services and Consolidation Act. Basically, there was a failure on both towns to make sure nobody got neglected in the shuffle. That didn't happen which resulted in the officers losing not only their jobs, but apparently their pensions among other things.

Check out the full story HERE.


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