Can't believe we have to say it, but it's another rough week for Eagles fans. We lost in Week 10 to the New York Giants by ten points with a final score of 27-17, Giants. Such a bummer. The Birds are having a tough season this year, to say the very least. In week 11, they're set to take on the New Orleans Saints. All we can do as fans is pray at this point.

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Here are this week's picks for Week 11:

First up, let's look at the Baltimore Ravens/Chicago Bears match-up this weekend. While both teams have their weak areas this season, when it comes to defense, the experts say that Baltimore shows up more regularly and successfully in certain scenarios that the Bears just do not. The Ravens will walk away with this win.

Next, we're talking about the Lions in Ohio. The Detroit Lions take on the Cleveland Browns in week 11, and since they've been on the road for the last couple of games, it's not hard to imagine that taking a toll on the team. The Browns recovered in week 10 from their loss against the Patriots in week 9 with a slight lead over the Texans. They should be able to hold their own against Detroit this week. Browns will take it.

And finally, the Birds are home this week to take on New Orleans.  Let's hope that our offense can outrun the Saints defense. It'll ride on Jalen Hurts' performance this week whether or not the Eagles come out on top.


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