All there is to say about last week's game against the Cowboys is OUCH. Double ouch. TRIPLE OUCH. Honestly, Monday night's game was super hard to watch for Eagles fans. To lose to the Cowboys is one thing, but to lose like THAT.... rough.

This week, the Birds face former coach Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs. It'll probably be a close one, but obviously, even if you still love Andy, you're rooting for an Eagles win. We need it after last week's catastrophe.

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Without any further ado, let's jump right into my picks for week 4, shall we?

It's a pretty solid bet that the New Orleans Saints are going to walk away with the win this week after their match up with the Giants. Despite not even having the chance to play a true home game yet this season due to damage their stadium sustained from a hurricane, the Saints have been looking GOOD. Since the Giants don't even have one win to speak of this season, it's the Saints this week, for me.

Next, we'll talk about the Buffalo Bills and their match-up with Houston this week. We'll keep it short and sweet though, since it probably won't take much for the Bills to overtake the Texans. Houston's got a rookie quarterback stepping up to the Bills this week, and that's a pretty daunting task. Smart money's on the Bills walking away with the 'w'.

My final pick this week, as much as we all love Andy, we've got to root for the Birds. Not going to lie, this one might be another tough one for the Eagles to come out on top of, but loyalty trumps all. My pick will always be for the Birds. Hopefully, they'll hold their own this week against Patrick Mahomes. We'll see, though.

Fly, Eagles, Fly!

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