Happy Valentine's Day to us! That is, if we actually make it to the drug store on time to pick up a card and some chocolates today.

Turns out, the Garden State's full of holiday procrastinators. Yup, we're the literal worst at having our holiday stuff together by the time the actual date rolls around. New Jersey residents will be the ones rushing CVS and Walgreens to pick up a little something for our significant others today. Why?

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A new survey has declared that New Jersey is the worst state in the country when it comes to Valentine's Day procrastination.


It's not like the date changes. Valentine's Day fall on the 14th of February every single year. According to a survey by 4Over.com, New Jersey is the state that has the most Google searches for "last minute Valentine's Day gifts." Good look, Jersey... NOT.

That means that we, apparently, don't care enough about our significant others to think about what in the heck we're going to get to symbolize our love for them until the day-of.

What if there's another way to think about this, though? What if it means that we don't need a made-up holiday to show our partners how much we love them? What if it means that we do our best to show our significant others how we feel about them all year long?

No? Too much of a stretch? Well, I tried.

Apparently, waiting until the 11th hour is common up and down the East Coast. Try not to feel too bad about it, Jersey. Maybe next year, place an order for some flowers the week before or something.


Source: 4over.com

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