If you think the most recent presidential election was a poop shoot, wait until you hear what's up next for us here in South Jersey.

According to 6abc.com, Governor Murphy just announced Tuesday that he intends to sign a bill that will allow early voting to take place over the span of a few days for elections here on out. If you weren't a fan of the mail-in ballots, you're in luck. It sounds like the proposed bill will allow for early in-person voting to be carried out over the course of the eight days prior to Election Day.

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Specifically, the bill states that the early voting would kick off ten days before the election with it wrapping two days prior. If you think about it realistically, the bill would mean more people would have access to the polls that otherwise may not be able to get out to cast their ballots on Election Day. Early access to the polls would help a lot of people who maybe don't have adequate transportation, who've just relocated, etc. have the ability to vote since they'd have a chance to do so during a time that is more convenient for them rather than a specific day that they might not be able to fit into their schedules.

Implementing this bill, however, isn't happening with just a snap of Trenton's fingers. Rather, carrying out the logistics of this early voting measure would cost the state upwards of fifty million dollars. So, not exactly chump change. Then, of course, there's the issue of policing the number of times people attempt to cast a ballot. Still, in theory, the plan would benefit plenty of our friends and neighbors. Only time will tell, however, how exactly everything will come together to make it a reality.

Source: 6abc.com


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