Have you ever driven on Route 167?

It's right here in South Jersey.

Never heard of it? That's because you probably have never been on it.


Because it doesn't go anywhere.


First things first -- last week, we told you that Route 49, which runs across deep South Jersey, was the least-traveled highway in New Jersey, as determined by Thrillist. Now, to be fair, their criteria was to only consider roads that were at least ten miles long.

Route 167 isn't even a mile long. But it was back in the day.

Back before the Garden State Parkway existed, if you wanted to get between Port Republic and Bass River Township, you would hop onto Route 167 and take a little metal bridge over the Mullica River.

When the Garden State Parkway was built, the metal bridge was sold and moved to Virginia and Route 167 was chopped in half with one little stub remaining in Port Republic and one little stub on the Bass River Township side.

Over a half-century later, these two roads that don't go anywhere are still considered a state highway (your tax dollars at work!).

If you are in Port Republic, Route 167 is the last road you can turn onto before you merge onto the Garden State Parkway (locally known as Chestnut Neck Road). This side is just a couple tenths of a mile long and will eventually take you face-first into a brick wall or a fence.

NJ Route 167 - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

Over on the other side, Route 167 is Old New York Road and it dead-ends at a chain link fence for a wildlife conservation area.

NJ Route 167 - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

Now you know!

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