"Oh, Mandy, Well, you came, And you gave without taking..."

Those are lyrics to the Barry Manilow song, "Mandy."

They really have nothing to do with this story, especially because someone named Mandy DID do some taking.

Well, not Mandy, but Mandi.


Northfield Police say Mandi Smith, 33, has been arrested for theft and burglary from a motor vehicle.

Police say she admitted to breaking in to at least 10 vehicles.

More charges are said to be pending, and are expected to be filed once stolen items and victims are identified.

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Police say proceeds from the thefts were recovered after a search of Smith's residence.

Police stress the following:

It is important that residents report motor vehicle burglaries even if they don’t believe anything was stolen or the loss was minimal.

Anyone with information please contact the Detective Bureau at 609-641-2832 ext 190.

Residents are reminded to lock their vehicles and report any suspicious activity to police.

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