The residents of Ocean City spoke loudly at the polls yesterday.

By a vote of 3,365 to 1,526, voters in Ocean City yesterday voted to not allow patrons of certain restaurants to bring their own bottles of wine to dinner. That vote represents over 50 percent of the town's registered voters hitting the polls to say yea or nay on the heavily debated BYOB issue.

In my opinion, I'm glad Ocean City is remaining a dry town. Ocean City, which has worked very hard to become and stay America's greatest family resort, has something unique going for itself. One might argue that a couple bringing a bottle of wine to dinner at a restaurant not on the boardwalk isn't that big of a deal, but, one thing tends to lead to another. Ocean City has been dry since 1879 -- the year Thomas Edison first demonstrated incandescent lighting to the public -- and that tradition will continue for the near future.

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