It took two years, but a message in a bottle made its way from Island Beach State Park all the way to northwestern France.

A French artist posted a message on Facebook claiming he found the empty Pellegrino bottle with a note inside.

Tommy Zanowic and Bridget Braate read the message on their school Facebook page.  To say the least, they were surprised the bottle actually made it ashore!

David Folley discovered the bottle near Landeda, a village near Brittany in France.  He followed the instructions on the note, thus alerting Zanowic and Braate to the discovery. says,

Zanowic, a Mantoloking resident who was a junior at the Baltimore college when the bottle began its trek across the Atlantic Ocean, had tacked his school address onto the end of the note. Zanowic and Braate told CBS-2 they never expected the bottle to make it off the shoreline when they deposited it in the ocean, let alone all the way to Europe.

The note, sent half-jokingly read, "Write to us about your good fortunes!

The two students have been in touch with Folley and they hope to meet one day.

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