Do you remember your school lunches? Were you someone that brown-bagged in every day or did you buy lunch?

These days, the school lunch situation has completely transformed. Students get school lunches for free here in New Jersey. While it's fantastic that children are guaranteed a meal while at school, how beneficial is it if the quality of the food isn't anything to rave about?

The free lunches don't mean that much to parents in Cumberland County since they're up in arms over a photo that's been shared to social media depicting a less-than-ideal meal that their children were allegedly served.

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Now, there's no way to completely authenticate the picture, but looking at the photo itself, you can understand why parents would have words for the Vineland Board of Education. The photo blasts the district's Petway Elementary School for, what the Facebook post suggests is, the chicken wrap that the user's daughter was supposedly served for lunch.

The lunches served in New Jersey's schools are supposed to be filling and full of nutritional value. Parents took to the post's comment section to share their feelings about the situation after seeing the picture and comparing it to what their children have apparently been telling them all year.

Are you hearing similar things from your own children? Judge the situation for yourself and feel free to comment on the post below:

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