Okay, so if you weren't present for the Eric Church stop in Philly this weekend, you'll probably come down with some serious FOMO after hearing this....

If you're still not aware of the CRAZINESS that Eric Church's show was on Saturday night, let's paint the picture for you. Starting from the beginning, here's what happened.

Basically, a few members of Eric Church's band came down with COVID-19, so they weren't there. Fans got to experience Eric Church in a more unplugged setting, just him, his guitar, and a few other instruments. It wasn't the production everyone was expecting to see, but in the best way possible.

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Not only did fans get to experience Eric Church in a way most would never get to, they also got the shock of their lives in the process. Cue Morgan Wallen. Yep, Morgan Wallen surprised EVERYONE when he came out on stage to join Church for a few songs.

So, not only did fans get a night with Eric Church, but also someone who's current touring status is unknown. Regardless of the issues that are happening with Wallen personally right now, he's still one of the most beloved country artists of today. Fans lost their minds, to say the least.

Sounds like quite a night, doesn't it? Judging by all the videos circulating around social media right now, it certainly was.

Take a look at some epic pics from the show:

Morgan Wallen Crashed Eric Church's Stage In Philadelphia

South Jersey and Philly country fans are experiencing serious FOMO after Morgan Wallen made an appearance on stage at Eric Church's 2021 Philly stop.

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