2021 has already proven itself in the snow department. Compared to the last couple of years, South Jersey residents have been getting their wintry snow fix over the last few weeks.

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To put it plainly, the last few years have been complete duds in the snow department here in South Jersey. These last couple of snow dumps have been pretty exciting since we finally saw enough accumulation to send the kids out to play. Snow days were finally a real thing this year.

The junk the South Jersey region's been experiencing on Thursday, however, is for the birds. Personally, I'm all for the snow as long as it's not mixed with any other form of precipitation. When you start to add rain to the mix and wind up with a sleety mess, that's when everything on the ground starts to get ugly and gross.

Snow's great until it turns ugly. The ice we've had to deal with in the southeastern most parts of our region is enough to turn off anyone who normally loves and looks forward to a winter wonderland. Not to mention, once it gets too cold, that's when I bow out and turn my attention towards spring.

So, it only seemed right to get your opinion on the matter. Snow or no snow? Are you ready for a couple more snow dumps here in South Jersey or would you prefer this weather wraps up quickly to make room for some warm temperatures? So far, results seem pretty even. Some people are hoping for more of the white stuff while others already have their sights set on spring and summer. You can sound off on our Facebook page below:




Pretty Photos of South Jersey Snow (Before It All Turns Ugly)

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