How about those winds last night, right?

I don't know about you, but last night around 7-7:30ish, I heard those winds whirling. I looked out my window and branches were all over the place, the rain had significantly picked up... In fact, the wind was so strong for a few minutes there that I thought one of the trees in the yard might not make it to see another sun.

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Luckily, everything is still standing and the craziness subsided a bit. However, the winds are still causing problems for some. Over at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, they announced this morning via their various social media pages that there will be some changes to today's launch schedules because the wind is still presenting an issue.

According to their most recent Facebook post, the ferry did not launch at this morning's scheduled time during the ten o'clock hour. This means that what would have been the return from Lewes, Delaware and back to Cape May at 12:15 p.m. will not be happening. So far, they say, no other changes to the schedule have been made. That's not to say, though, that more won't follow.

On their website, they have Monday's travel advisories at the top highlighted in yellow. The message states that all bicycle and foot traffic have resumed and that the rest of today's scheduled sails will be as planned unless otherwise specified. Take note, if you do plan on venturing over to Delaware via the Ferry today, don't forget your mask.

All those who plan on traveling via the ferry must make a reservation.


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