South Jersey is NOT over the cuteness and probably won't be anytime soon.

Babies are THE BEST. Period. What's better than a human baby, you might ask? Well, that's easy... a baby animal. The baby wallaby recently born at the Cape May Zoo easily stole the hearts of South Jersey and beyond.

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If you haven't seen this little guy in person yet, make sure you get over to the zoo to check him out for yourself. I promise you he's just the cutest little thing you ever did see. He's so little! His tiny body and big eyes will easily capture your heart in an instant.

He's so adorable.

If you're wondering why he looks so much like a kangaroo joey, well, that's an easy mistake to make.


Wallaby vs. Kangaroo

There are a couple characteristics that differentiate a wallaby from a kangaroo. Wallabies are usually much smaller. Kangaroos often have more robust builds with thicker and longer legs built for faster movements. Wallabies, you'll find, have more compact builds and are better adapted for agility in dense brush and forest environments.

While wallabies and kangaroos are related and share many characteristics, their size, habitat preferences, and behaviors differ based on their species and environment.


Wallaby has a been named at the Cape May Zoo

The Cape May Zoo asked the public to help choose a name for the baby wallaby. They narrowed it down to three choices:

1.) Jax

2.) Oliver

3.) Wally

You were given a certain amount of time to vote for your favorite. The time has come. They've FINALLY announced the winner!

The baby wallaby will forever hence be known as...

Wally the Wallaby You have to love the alliteration, right?

Thanks for voting!

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