Summer is here! Well, almost. It's not technically summertime yet, but this warm weather is sure making it feel that way! Once the warm weather is here, us South Jersey residents don't really care about when the calendar says the season starts. To us, summer arrives Memorial Day Weekend.

That means we're all on the hunt for fun activities to do with a group or with the kids. ESPECIALLY with the kids. We've now reached the time of year when we've got to look ahead for exciting things to do to keep them busy and off the iPads all summer.

Summer events at the Cape May Zoo

If you spend a lot of time at the zoo during the summertime, what is sure to be one of their best events yet is right around the corner.

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Guests are in store for an exclusive look at what goes down after hours at the zoo. Cape May Park and Zoo announced is all set to host an event this week for children with special needs and their families to come and explore the zoo after hours! They'll chat with zookeepers, meet their favorite Disney characters, and even get their faces painted when they attend this June.

It's the Cape May Park and Zoo's ✨ ✨ It starts at 5:30 pm on Friday and is open to anybody who has registered!

So far, people seem to be pretty stoked about it! They shared the flyer on their page this week and people have expressed that they cannot WAIT to check it out.

People can't stop raving about the experiences and stories they've heard from the zookeepers during events like this. It makes SO MUCH sense when you stop and think about it. The zoo at night is whole different world!

For this particular event, it's best if you planned ahead. There's still plenty of time to get in for next year. Make sure you officially register if you and your family do plan on attending in 2025. Look for the announcement for next year's event on their website and on the zoo's Facebook page HERE.

Have fun!

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