Many Eagles fans are familiar with former NFL Quarterback and current ESPN NFL Analyst Dan Orlovsky for his vehement defense of Carson Wentz during the 2019 season along with his passionate quarterback analysis on ESPN TV shows and on Twitter. For sports fans who consume many ESPN TV shows are also familiar with Orlovsky's proclivity for using the phrase "holy fudge", so the producers of the daily morning ESPN TV show "Get Up!" decided to turn it into a segment and Orlovsky took it a step further by name dropping three different Jersey Shore fudge shops!

The segment was originally about Orlovsky describing how incredible different throws are by three of the top five quarterback prospects who will be draft in the 2021 NFL Draft. The show host Mike Greenberg would set up Orlovsky and the former NFL quarterback would break down video on the show while working in the phrase "holy fudge" multiple times.

The first description was about a spectacular throw by presumptive number one overall pick Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence:

"When you throw the ball and you that defender jump like he thinks he is going to get his hands on it and then all of a sudden he tucks his arms like 'Oh I'm not going to get there', that is a 'Holy Fudge' throw. Greeny, I like to go down to the (Jersey) Shore, this is like the Original Fudge Kitchen down in Wildwood, that's just a little fudge bite right there out of Trevor Lawrence"

The Original Fudge Kitchen first opened their doors in 1972 and aside from their famous location on the Wildwood Boardwalk, they also have two shops located in Cape May along with one each in Stone Harbor, North Wildwood, and on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

The next quarterback throw teed up for Dan Orlovsky was by Alabama quarterback Mac Jones, who it is expected will be selected within the top 20 picks of this year's NFL Draft:

"Now first of all, (Mac Jones) fumbled the snap...So often it's like this panic of 'Oh Fudge' I dropped a snap, you got safeties dropping down, chaos at my feet, pocket collapsing, look at that snap throw. That's a little Fudge Shop throw, that's like Shriver's down at the (Jersey) Shore...That's just another 'Holy Fudge' bite from Mac Jones"

In 1898, William Shriver founded Shriver’s as a restaurant, ice cream, and candy store, which would make Shriver's the oldest business on the Ocean City Boardwalk. That also means Shriver's has survived six major hurricanes over the last 100 years and they are still in business!

The final quarterback described by Orlovsky was BYU star Zach Wilson, whose Pro-Day last week received excessive praise on social media:

"Now look at the location of this throw...(Zach Wilson) is sprinting towards the line of scrimmage, look at this effortless flick of the wrist and that 'Holy Fudge' (Throw) - That's like James' down in Sea Isle (City) where my family loves to go in the summer time, this is the 'Holy Fudge' of 'Holy Fudges' throws in the leading up to the NFL Draft by a Quarterback (Prospect)....That's not a little fudge bite, that's a big fudge bite"

Founded by James Enoch, the James Candy Company was established in 1880 and their claim to fame is that their process for making Salt Water Taffy is different than most other fudge shops in South Jersey making their candies unique to the shop in Sea Isle City.

As someone who spent most of his childhood either coming on summer vacations or living in Sea Isle City then later working on the Ocean City Boardwalk, it was definitely a fun, nostalgic experience for me to listen to Dan Orlovsky name drop some of the legendary fudge shops at the Jersey Shore.

Also as someone with an obsession with studying quarterbacks for the NFL Draft over the years, I thought this segment was a creative way to show the casual and intermediate football fans watch what makes some of these quarterback prospects special.

Here is the full video of the 2-minute segment where Dan Orlovsky talks about South Jersey Fudge Shops and NFL Draft Quarterback Prospects

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