You know when you're at your parents' house and they whip out all the old pictures and photo albums, how time just seems to fly by?

Next thing you know, you've been rummaging through the holy grail of childhood throwback pics that have you filled to the brim with nostalgia. Ahhh, the good ole' days. Even though you may be shooting your mom and dad the side-eye over some of their questionable hair and outfit choices they donned you in as a kid, you still can't help but smile at the memories.

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The best pictures are the ones from your birthday parties. It's funny. You don't realize it at the time, but all the pictures that your mom made you stop and smile for at the time, you wind up thanking her for later. The best is when you see someone in those pictures that you totally forgot even existed. **Immediately stalks them on Facebook.**


What's wild, though, are that some of the locations of those birthday parties aren't even around anymore. That means that your children won't ever get to create those same memories. They make for a great story, though.

One of the most epic and fun places you could host your birthday party when you were a kid here in South Jersey was Tunnels of Fun. Remember that place? Think Chuck E. Cheese meets Discovery Zone, the latter of which isn't around anymore either.

The most memorable attraction in that place was the giant ball pit that even adults could enjoy. Weird? A little, but that didn't stop anyone.

Remember Tunnels Of Fun in Egg Harbor Township? One Of The BEST Places To Have A Kid's Bday Party

Check out these epic throwback pictures from birthday parties at Tunnels of Fun in Egg Harbor Township

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