Stan Cinowski has seen a lot in his years as a volunteer firefighter - but, he's never seen this!

In a post on Facebook, the Rio Grande Fire Company reports that Stan was getting ready to go out on a call when he got the surprise of his life: "Stan Cinowski was gearing up and went to grab his helmet from the gear rack and noticed what looked to be a tail of a snake hanging from the rack. Of course, he thought somebody put a fake snake under his helmet. (Not that we would do that)LOL. "

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Stan was wrong, though:

"So Stan went to move it off of his rack and the thing started moving. Come to find out it was real and he threw it off of the rack. Another firefighter came in and picked it up to take it out to the back woods behind the firehouse to release it. As he picked it up the snake came up and bit him on his arm. Luckily he’s ok and the snake was safely released back into the wild. "


By the way, the firefighter who got bit would rather not be identified. We will respect that wish.

Knowing how firehouses work, this story will probably continue to grow and evolve for years to come! And the pranks - oh the pranks!

We're glad everyone is doing good. Even the snake, I guess...

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