They grow `em big in Galloway Township!

Snake caught in Galloway

Galloway Township Police were involved in a rather slippery situation.

Police were called out to a "burglary in progress" call from a local residence - but, it turned out that the only bad guy was a big snake!

The snake had made its way inside an open door of a house.

Police say animal control was not available at the time, so Officers Feliciano and Bell handled the situation with urgency and professionalism.

According to police, "They briefly placed the suspect into custody before releasing it in the woods behind the home."

Galloway Police advise all snakes to stay out of people's houses for the foreseeable future.

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Police K9 recovering from cancer

The Galloway Police Department has updated the public on the condition of K9 Colt.

Colt recently underwent surgery to remove cancer from his knee.  We wish Colt only the best!

SOURCE: Galloway Township Police Department.

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